Our heroes at the Bridgton Police Department are warning residents of a scam.

"SCAM ALERT: Recently, some of our community members have received calls from someone claiming to be a Bridgton Police “Officer P. Smart.” “Smart” has been telling citizens that they have an active arrest warrant and they must pay money to keep from being taken into custody. THIS IS NOT common police practice and BPD does not have an officer by that name. If you receive a suspicious call like this, hang up your shoe phone and deploy the cone of silence."

There is so much humor from both the good guys and the bad guys in this case. The scammers are pretty bold to use "Officer Smart" as the name of the person calling these unsuspecting people attempting to perpetuate the crime. But the Bridgton PD takes the prize with their "Get Smart" references. Do you remember that awesome show from the 1960s? Well if you didn't, it was a hilarious take-off of James Bond (and other crime-stopping movies) where the main character, Maxwell Smart used a phone in his shoe and deployed the "Cone of Silence" to talk privately to people. I guess you had to be there but it was funny at the time and the Bridgton Police get bonus points for keeping Bridgton safe while referencing one of the best TV shows ever. Nest time one of you Bridgeton officers get in trouble with your boss, just say. "...sorry about that Chief. I missed nabbing the suspect by THAT much."



What's the difference between the Cone of Silence and the Circle of Trust? Discuss.


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