There are sure signs of spring in Maine. The sun is up longer, the grass is starting to grow, birds are building nests and The Bridgton Twin Drive-In is open for business.

Maine is slowly opening back up as the threat of COVID-19 begins to ease with half of Mainers eligible for the COVID vaccine having had at least the first dose. But there are still many things we aren't able to enjoy yet. With the closing of Cinemagic theaters in Westbrook, South Portland and Saco during the pandemic, we've also lost three popular places to see new release films.

Through it all though, Bridgton Twin Drive-In has been there to give Mainers that night out at the movies while keeping them safe and socially distanced.

Friday's planned opening for the season had to be pushed back with all the rain that made the ground a bit too soft to let cars in, but Saturday night was a go with both screens showing movies that those without HBO Max have not been able to see. Tom & Jerry is playing on screen one and Godzilla vs. Kong is on screen 2 through Thursday.

Tickets are available for purchase online. The 6-foot distance rule from others is still in place and the concession menu will be limited. Restrooms are open, but they ask they be used for emergency only.

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