With the announcement on April 28 by Governor Mills that drive-in theaters are allowed to open, Bridgton Twin Drive-in has outlined their proposed changes for when they re-open.

Maine's drive-in movie theaters are likely to see a boom in business not seen since their heyday in the 50s and 60s. Up until the 70s, there was a drive-in theater near most towns in Maine. At their peak in the mid 50s, there were 39 drive-in theaters in Maine. Today there are 6 that still remain and all are gearing up to start showing movies soon, with some changes to comply with social distancing and health guidelines.

The Bridgton Twin Drive-in shared some of the changes you'll see when they tentatively open on May 8. Some of the major changes include admitting only half the cars they normally do to keep them all at least 10 feet apart.

Only one movie will be shown instead of the usual two to minimize the use of bathrooms. They will be open but only for emergency use.

Concessions will be available with a limited menu at the express window with no one allowed inside the concession stand.

Look for more of Maine's drive-ins to be issuing similar policies. It won't be the normal drive-in experience, but at this point I think we will all be thankful to have a way to get out of the house and enjoy a movie.

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