It's been a new ritual for Tom Brady to leave an Instagram message after Patriots wins this year, And on his way out of Chicago after the Pats win on Sunday afternoon, TB12 told the world that the Pats were shooting for 6-2 and that the Pats were coming for the "Bills Mafia"



Now, to us, it seemed like a really fun post. A happy TB12 after a close win. On the surface, there's nothing really disrespectful or taunting with the Bills Mafia mention. Unless, of course, you are in Buffalo, where the media and fans are already going crazy.

Here's the local Buffalo TV station asking for video responses to Brady. This oughtta be good...

Meanwhile, the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper out of Rochester, NY claims "pretty boy" Tom Brady is "taunting" the Bills and that it is #petty. Yup, with the hashtag and everything.



The poor 2-5 Bills need something, anything to get them fired up for the Monday Night game against the Pats. It just seems a bit like an overreaction. What do you think?



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