The flagship Portland location is closing, but the other 8 Maine Bull Moose stores will stay open. They plan on coming back to Portland.


Announced on Facebook, they blame lack of foot traffic and a lease that was up. They have other locations (South Portland and Scarborough would be your closest choices), that are very much open. But Portland was special...

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Bull Moose was founded by Brett Wickard in Brunswick in 1989, the Portland location was considered the flagship store. Located in a underground dwelling on Middle Street, you couldn't live in the Portland area without making Bull Moose part of your Portland life.

Need a hard to find CD, record, DVD, game...whatever - Bull Moose either had it or would get it. If you love music, you love Bull Moose. I have walked down those stairs hundreds of times over the years. I loved it. I loved how I felt so cool just stepping into the store. I'm not cool, but while I was flipping through albums or CDs, I sure was.

Bull Moose says that once we get through this downturn, they will come back to Portland. We all look forward to that day. Thank you Portland Bull Moose - you made Portland cool.



Before and After: The Development of Portland, ME

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