The hilarious reel of bloopers was recently featured on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. What a week for these out takes from the production of a local TV spot for the world-famous Dysart’s restaurant in Hermon and Bangor! We can't get enough of this ol’ Maine fella who can’t for the life of him, deliver the line right and mother gettin' wicked frustrated. Now the video is being propelled even further with an appearance on national TV! Since it's introduction by the Bangor Daily News in 2012, the adorable laugh-out-loud video has received nearly 4 million views! Now you've gotta see Stephen Colbert explaining that "there's something about watching people struggle to say something that's just inherently funny." He then goes on to parody the video by flubbing his lines right as well.

In case you missed it or just need to watch it again, here's the full blooper reel!

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