This is such a Mainah' story. According to Bangor Daily News, it began when a farm worker at Cooper Farms in Monmouth tried to smoke a pesky woodchuck, (known as a groundhog by some), out of his hole. Scenes from Caddyshack are racing through my head as I imagine how in the world it got so out of hand. The scheme went awry when the "smoking" led to wildfires that spread across two acres. It took 30 firefighters from Monmouth, Leeds and Wales to take it down. The woodchuck got away and was laughing at a safe distance from the fire.

I know a guy who shot a skunk in his garage! Let that sink in for a ruined the paint on his car, the garage was attached to the house and the stink went everywhere, it was so horrific that I couldn't even properly tease him about it. They had to put in an insurance claim!

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Technically, it was a gopher in Caddyshack but he was definitely working a woodchuck groove.


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