This is Calvin d'Entremont, our tour guide in Nova Scotia and the owner of A Day by the Sea Tours. Here is Calvin holding a bright blue lobster! Before we get to the lobster baby-making, let's find out more about this rare, blue creature!

Turns out that Calvin is somewhat of an expert in lobster mating! We started out with the basics, how to tell the difference from a boy and girl and worked our way up to the "details" of lobsters doing the dirty.

OK, so the couple needs to wait for the female to molt and then the boy Ooh this is awkward to explain... he punctures her soft shell with his TWO penises. That's a lot to go through, but the instinct to procreate is strong, even for crustaceans!

Thank you to Calvin for this important lesson. I have lived in Maine all my life and never knew that lobsters have TWO penises. I kind of feel like this is something that my parents should have told me...

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