I get it, words can be hard to spell at times. Trust me, the number of times I rely on the red line when I misspell a word or even just auto-correct, in general, is crazy. If you read my articles before everything was spellchecked, you would think I never picked up a book in my life (which to be honest, I love to read, just cannot spell to save my life).

We all misspell words at one time or another. It doesn't matter if we are texting, typing on the computer, or just writing a note. Heck, sometimes we even pronounce words differently! Confession time: I omit the letter 'r' in a lot of words (guess you can say that's the New Englander in me) but in the word "bra," I randomly add an 'r' to the end. Why? I really don't know.

I think that we can all agree that spelling words can be harder than pronouncing them. Honestly, even with spell check, I am nervous writing about this, as I misspell words on a daily basis (let's hope that everything is spelled correctly in this article).

WordTips, a word search site, actually took to Twitter to find the most common misspelled word in every state, and honestly, you will not believe Maine's. The site compiled a list of 350 often misspelled words in the English language and their most common misspellings. WordTips searched and categorized a sample of over two billion tweets from around the world to find which word was most commonly misspelled in each place.

WordTips found that both “foreign” and “promise” were each misspelled at a higher than average rate in three U.S. states, more than any other word.

However, neither of those words are what Mainer's often misspell.

Maine is the only state that tends to misspell the word "almost." Yup, you read that right, "almost." Like, "You are almost done reading this article."

Not going to lie, I made a few spelling errors while writing this, thank goodness we all have spellcheck.

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