With the weather turning 80 in parts of Maine this week, we know that many Mainers minds will be thinking about SUMMER. So we asked Blimpsters to tell us their #1 "All-Time Summer in Maine Memory". Check out some of the reponses to the Captain and Celeste on the WBLM Morning Show:



We heard from zillions of you on your awesome Summer in Maine memories. If we had to pick a #1 choice it would be taking a ride on the one....the only ....Astrosphere at Funtown in Saco.



Now, if you've never heard of the beloved Astrosphere Theme Park Critic describes it::

The Astrosphere, a flat-running dark ride was opened in 1976 at the time, and since then has undergone few changes, almost all of them effects-wise. The Eli-Bridge scrambler is an original, the 75ft. diameter vinyl dome is quite aged but still in great shape, adding to the mystery of just whats inside, while at the same time providing a wonderful "canvas" for the operators to paint with lighting effects and laser equipment. The soundtrack "Fire On High" by Electric Light Orchestra is a custom remix edited by the rides former owner an individual who is currently a park VP and director of maintenance. This soundtrack is pumped into the dome by a 6.1 channel truesurround sound system powered by Klipsch LaScala Speakers and a Klipsch subwoofer. Add to that a few dozen lighting effects and numerous Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow lasers, you have a ride that no other imitator can come close to. In 1992, a fire severely damaged the entrance to the ride including the custom control panel, dome, entrance tunnels, and some equipment.  One of the unique features of the Astrosphere and quite possibly the most commented, was our array of 9 35mm slide projectors, mounted on and off the ride displaying space-themed images and other completely abstract things such as shapes and people. These unfortunately have been in service for such a long time that they no longer function properly and have been permanently removed.


Opening day at Funtown is May 12th! Ready to take that ride for old times sake?


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