The area that this vintage photo was taken in Maine nearly 100 years ago looks a lot different today. Do you know where it is?

Portland Maine History 1786 to Present via Facebook
Portland Maine History 1786 to Present via Facebook

The 1921 photo was posted to the Facebook group Portland Maine History 1786 to Present and it shows a bridge in Maine that no longer exists after it was replaced in 1997. It was originally built in 1916 at cost of about a million dollars and was a bascule bridge, also known as a draw bridge.

Think you know now?

This is a photo of the old Million Dollar Bridge between Portland and South Portland taken from the South Portland side just five years after its construction. It served as to connect the two cities over the Fore River for 81 years before being replaced by the Casco Bay Bridge which cost 130 times more than the Million Dollar Bridge. That's an easy math problem to work out of you want to know how much to cost.


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