I stopped into the grocery store yesterday to get our Taco Tuesday fixings and decided to pick up some toilet paper while I was there.

Nope. There were maybe seven individual single-ply rolls like you buy at campgrounds and that was it.

The shelves that should be stocked with Chlorox Clean Up and other antibacterial cleaners were empty.

It looked like a swarm of germaphobic locusts had swept through this particular one.

There was not a single bottle of hand sanitizer to be had either.

It was an unsettling feeling to know that so many of my neighbors were preparing for a bad scenario. Then again, I've seen how these people shop before a snow storm so I shouldn't be shaken or surprised.

I took a deep breath but still felt desperate to locate toilet paper for my family of four.

O.K., this is all a bit of a bummer. Please look at this picture of a cute kitty in a bow tie and enjoy the feel good endorphins you will experience.


I hope that helped.

My search for toilet paper brought me to another grocery store. The first red flag was the state of the cart wipes dispenser. Not only was it empty, but people were also unwilling to throw the used wipes away and risk touching other used wipes.

shopping cart wipes

Antibacterial spray cleaners were sold out there, too. There were germ-killing bathroom cleaner sprays available, however.

This sign was asking people to please be reasonable and considerate.

limit notice

But this grocery store was the jackpot of T.P. and lots of variety. Some people are very particular about their toilet paper and some people have sensitive plumbing that can't handle the super-plush brands.

But please do not go to the grocery store and buy all of it.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

I bought two nine packs because our house is a hub and is usually full of kids.

We haven't stocked up on anything and we don't have face masks.

As of this morning the flu has claimed 27 Mainers this year, but here there have been, (knock on wood), no Coronavirus cases reported in Maine as of yet.

I'm choosing not to panic. I am choosing to listen to medical experts and their recommendations to wash my hands properly and avoid unnecessary touching. I've stopped shaking hands, high-fiving, fist bumping and cheek kissing. I'm teaching these things to my children, too.

Are you squirreling away a store of antibacterial products, toilet paper and Tylenol? What can you not live without if you have to self quarantine? Comment on our Fan Page.

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