Tessie. Sweet Caroline. Dirty Water. These are just a few of the iconic songs that are in heavy rotation on the WBLM Morning Show right now. The Sox are in the World Series, and we are throwing everything we've got at the Dodgers to bring home another championship! Now, if YOU'VE got a song to share, we guarantee we will play it on WBLM during the World Series.  Don't believe us? We received a call today about a song and promptly put it right on the Blimp!



Seriously, this is a sure-fire way to get some airplay on the biggest radio station in Northern New England. Send us your Sox Song and we'll play it on the morning show! If there's a YouTube link, we may even share it like this awesome song from The Diggs. And we really do want them to get back together to play "Fenway Lights" live on the show!



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