According to Consumer Reports, there are some things you can do to get the most out of your car's air conditioning:

  • I found this out on my own, pre-cooling is not a thing and it doesn't work. your car's A/C kicks in the best when your car is moving.
  • If you car's interior is super-hot, unroll the windows and crank up the fans to blow out the hot air.
  • Check your cabin air filter and make sure it's clean, for so many reasons. A dirty air filter starts working against you as far as air quality goes and it also prevents optimal air flow for your A/C. It's so easy and cheap to replace, check it today on your lunch break. Go online to find out where it is in your car. Easy peasey.
  • If you have a fancy car with the Start/Stop button, turn it off because it keeps your air compressor from running when it shuts off your engine. If you're at a stand still at a long light or in slow traffic you might feel your A/C slip away. Turn off the button for cooler air.
  • I didn't know this, but if you have back seat passengers, turn off the air circulation mode to keep them cooler.
  • Set the A/C temp as low as it can go to dry out the air less and save energy. You actually burn more fuel when you set the temp higher.

Another little tip from me about a hot car, leave a couple beach towels in the car so that you don't burn your bathing suit-bottom fanny on hot seats!

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