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Tom Caron Talks Alex Cora Firing With the Captain and Celeste
The great Tom Caron is back from London and back on the Blimp this week. And what a week it was for Major League Baseball, the Red Sox and their now ex-manager Alex Cora. TC had a great take on the dismissal of Cora, what it means for baseball and who the Sox may get as their next manager. All of th…
Here's A Very Non-Holiday Edition of Maine Vanity Plates
Everywhere you look right now, it's all about the Holidays. EXCEPT here, where we give you the best of Maine vanity plates from Morgan and gang from Vanity of Maine on Instagram. No ho-ho-ho here. No Reindeer. No peace on earth and goodwill towards all men. Here's the "best" this…
Here's 7 Great Vanity License Plates on Maine Jeeps
Boy, do we love our Jeeps here in Maine. You'll get the approving "nod" when you drive by another Jeep owner. Did you know there are over 52,000 Jeep vehicles registered in Maine? We also love our crazy and wonderful anything-goes Maine vanity plates. Put them both together and you h…
Bob Socci Checks In With the Blimp After Gritty Pats Win
The great Bob Socci called into the Captain and Celeste this morning to discuss the tough road win against the Eagles yesterday. Bob does the play by play for us and has become one of the legendary voices of New England and the NFL. So far, he's called FOUR Patriots Super Bowls on the radio.

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