According to News Center Maine, the Maine Brewer's Guild has given us something to look forward to; Maine Beer Night. This is a virtual event that I am totally been stoked for. It will benefit the Maine Brewer's Guild, who has brought us so much tasty joy over the years.

Maine Beer Night is not an enormous Zoom call; it's a combination of live and recorded interviews and tours. The colorful Maine craft beer community assures an evening that is not just educational, but very entertaining as well. You won't be on camera, so no need to wear pants to this event. How often have you been at a beer festival and wished it were pants optional? Like every single one, right? Live that dream on Maine Beer Night.

Join the party Saturday, July 25th at 7 p.m. on the Guild's Facebook group page. You do need a Facebook account to take part. For a tiny little $5 entry fee you will tour Maine breweries, explore the farms where our brewers are growing hops and barley, discover what new beers are in the works and hear from everyone from bottle artists to the coopers who infuse the barrels.

Of course all this talk about beer will make you thirsty, the M.B.G. has a fix for that. Pre-order mixed 6 or 12 packs of delicious Maine beer by July 18th that you can either pick up or have delivered through CarHop. Your 6 pack will include 2 tasting glasses and your 12 pack will have 4. Beer orders need to be made by July 18th, so order right now. There are also limited edition "Maine Beer Night" t-shirts available to add to your COVID-19 2020 shirt collection. Check out your package options and find out if CarHop delivery is available for your neighborhood here.

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