Happy National Radio Day!  They said radio wouldn't survive...because of television...or MTV...or the cassette player..or CD player....or satellite radio...or even the internet! But radio is stronger than ever. Especially during the pandemic when radio has been a vital connection to people for information and entertainment. 96% of people in the US listen to the radio every week. For that, we salute you! We thought it would e great to look wayyyyyyyy back to the very first moment we went on the air. 1973. Litchfield, Maine. Midnight. This is the moment the Blimp was born and listening to it still gives us goosebumps. What a long, strange trip it's been and here's to many more together.


And the very first song on the air? The Moody Blues "The Story In Your Eyes."  That was over 4 million songs ago!




The original 108 Bumpah Sticka




Classic Maine TV Commercial From the 80's

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