As you've probably heard by now, I broke my ankle just before Christmas, so I'm recuperating and doing the BLM Morning Show from my breakfast nook at home. Friday I visited the experts at Orthopaedic Associates in Portland to get a spiff new cast. I had to help hold some of my flashy hot pink gauze strapping while Chantelle wrapped me up. This inspired Nicky to write, "I Helped Today" on my blue surgical gloves. It was better than getting a sticker or lollipop!

Doc Appt.

She even added a smiley face. I am definitely on the mend and rocking my 80's neon pink cast! It matches my favorite Pat Benatar t-shirt, bonus!

medical glove

My new moonlighting gig as a lovely assistant didn't pay, but it was fun. When you can have a good time while getting a cast, you're in the right place.


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