The "Blue Ribbon Classic" may not be happening in Fryeburg this Fall, but you can partake in a wicked fun "Virtual Fryeburg Fair" going on right now! There are tons of activities that will make you feel like you are there. And yes, blue ribbons are being given out to winners. Here are some of the contests going on right now:

  • Handsome Rooster Show
  • Trash to Treasure: Take a single item and recycle it into something new!
  • Pig Scramble Gamble
  • Hitched at the Fair
  • Chicken Soup Showcase
  • Honey of a Hen Show
  • Rabbit Show
  • Feeling Fiber Frolic

...and many more! There will also be auctions, live entertainment, and more as the fair gets closer to October.

Here are a couple more just announced today!


Get your basket ready!


Here's something fun for the kids to do!


Classic Maine TV Commercial From the 80's

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