Check out this car on fire. The fantastical news gatherers at NewsCenter caught this video yesterday and we found it on the Portland Firefighters Facebook page. It's pretty rare to see a car engulfed in flames this like. And pretty scary. Luckily, no one was injured in the mishap although the car is totaled. There is one kinda scary moment when there's a small explosion and the flames get ramped up even higher. It definitely gets the attention of the brave firefighters!

Katie Haskins commented on the NewsCenter Facebook page that the car was hers:

Katie Haskins This was my car.... it was an electrical fire. There were 4 women in this car and a small dog. We literally made it out about 5 seconds before it started to blow up... thank god that everyone made it out in time without a scratch on them 💜 and PS no we weren’t wearing masks lol


Thanks to NewsCenter for the video. Scary!



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