Only in Maine do we do such wild and crazy stuff to stay entertained through another tedious winter. We gotta do what we gotta do break up the monotony. It looks to us like they've figured out how to have the most fun in the cold weather upta Greenville.

When the roads are icy, we know the best thing to do is avoid driving on them. Of course, sometimes that's unavoidable so we take it slow and easy. On Moosehead Lake, drivers are doing the exact opposite. They are on the ice and going fast across the hard water.

Mainers are having an absolute blast on Saturdays watching drivers rippin' it hard with chains on their tires around the frozen lake track. We bet these fearless racers are pretty pumped up too.

Here's the newest thrilling highlight video of the action from this past weekend. Our friends at Black Spruce Images put it together, capturing all the excitement of West Cove Ice Racing to get our adrenaline going.

Here are the winners from West Cove Racing's 2nd Annual Gramps 500


You can find out when the next race event will be by following the West Cove Ice Racing Facebook page. The races are of course, weather dependent.

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