...it's the largest/deepest section of A-To-Z we do believe, and thanks again to Meghan and Sonya at the Portland Public Library, those very smart 'n talented women kept us on track of course...

Bruce in Melbourne, Australia, March 2003. (Photo: Sean Garnsworthy/Getty Images)

Classic Lunch: Some Of The "T-H-E" Titles Of WBLM's A-To-Z...: "The Pusher" - Steppenwolf / "The Rain Song" - Led Zeppelin / "The Real Me" - The Who / "The Relay" - The Who / "The Rising" - Bruce Springsteen / "The River" - Bruce Springsteen / "The Road" - Jackson Browne / "The Rover" - Led Zeppelin / "The Royal Scam" - Steely Dan

BLM's Two-Fer-Tuesday takes one more week off tomorrow as A-To-Z continues; for lunch time, we might be startin' up the Letter "U" titles. Or we might not. Vertigo-like symptoms are s-l-o-w-l-y creeping in, nice!