...we were positively giddy with goose-bumps as we got to serve up some Steely Dan, Genesis and Pink Floyd that nobody else in the neighborhood ever plays for ya. You're Welcome!

Beatles Bussing It
On the "Magical Mystery Tour" bus, Sept. 1967. (Potter/Express/Getty Images)

Classic Lunch: Closing In On The End Of A-To-Z With All "Your" Titles On The Menu: "Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash" - The Steve Miller Band / "Your Gold Teeth" - Steely Dan / "Your Life Is Now" - John Mellencamp / "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy" - Sammy Hagar / "Your Love Is Such A Wonderful Love" - Duke & The Drivers / "Your Mama Don't Dance" - Loggins & Messina / "Your Mama Don't Dance" - Poison / "Your Mother Should Know" - The Beatles / "Your Own Special Way" - Genesis / "Your Possible Pasts" - Pink Floyd / "Your Saving Grace" - The Steve Miller Band / "Your Song" - Elton John / "Your Time Is Gonna Come" - Led Zeppelin

Tomorrow (Fri., 6/30), it's return of the summertime tradition, when every Finally Friday Classic Lunch is All-Live-Outta-The-Archives!!! Get ready to call in, Facebook or e-mail your favorite live-in-concert requests. 'Til then, we'll be sittin' in our la-la, waitin' for a ya-ya, uh-huh... 

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