Bowie! Elvis! Robbie from The Doors! Couldn't go wrong today...

(Courtesy of RCA Records)
(Courtesy of RCA Records)

Elvis was born on this date in 1935...Doors guitarist-songwriter Robbie Kreiger turns 72...and the irreplaceable David Bowie would have been 71 today...Today's Menu: "L.A. Woman" - The Doors / "Queen Bitch" - David Bowie / "Hound Dog" - Elvis Presley / "Moonlight Drive" - The Doors / "Future Legend/Diamond Dogs" - David Bowie / "Viva Las Vegas" - ZZ Top / "Young Americans" - David Bowie / "Back Door Man" - The Doors / "All Shook Up" - Elvis Presley / "Rebel Rebel" (live) - David Bowie / "When The Music's Over" - The Doors

Tomorrow (2-Fer-Tues., 1/9): It's more cake and ice cream as we present an All Led Zeppelin Menu for Jimmy Page's 74th birthday [and it won't be the same ol' same ol'...!]. Oh yeah, Classic Lunch's still a-waitin' on your suggestions for menu themes in 2018, so send whatcha got to the web site here and WBLM Facebook page. Bonus points for correct punctuation!!!


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