Apparently, the diner had some of you seriously flashin' back to your club days. No apologies necessary...

Billy Idol
Billy Idol, Sept. 1979, when he was in the band Generation X. (Evening Standard/Getty Images)

The "All You Can Eat '80's" Buffet: "Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" + "Given The Dog A Bone" - AC/DC (1980, 'Back In Black' LP) / "Pretending" + "Running On Faith" - Eric Clapton (1989, 'Journeyman' LP) / "Rebel Yell" + "Flesh For Fantasy" - Billy Idol (1983, 'Rebel Yell') / "American Storm" + "Like A Rock" - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (1986, 'Like A Rock') / "I Wanna Go Back" + "Take Me Home Tonight" - Eddie Money (1986, 'Can't Hold Back')

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