Two from The Who, a deep one from The Dead and howzabout dem Smithereens?!?! Excellent soundtrack for lunch break today...

(Courtesy of MCA/Track Records)
(Courtesy of MCA/Track Records)

Today's Menu featured The Letter "B" Titles for The Classic Lunch Portion of WBLM From A-To-Z (Day Two): "Beginnings" - Chicago / "Behind Blue Eyes" - The Who / "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" - The Smithereens / "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite" - The Beatles / "Bell Bottom Blues" - Derek & The Dominoes / "Bell Boy" - The Who / "Bennie And The Jets" - Elton John / "Bertha" (live) - Grateful Dead / "Best Of Both Worlds" - Van Halen / "Best Of My Love" - Eagles / "Beth" - Kiss

Tomorrow (Wed., 6/14) The Approved By The Portland Public Library/Alphabetically Correct/Best Of The Blimp A-Z rolls on and who knows if we'll be into The Letter "C" section at this time...Guess you'll just have to wait and "C", ha-ha!!!


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