...Van Morrison back-to-back with Kiss and 17-uninterrupted/unedited glorious minutes of psychotic Pink Floyd made for a rather tasty hour at the diner today...

Cover of Pink Floyd's "Animals" LP, January 1977. (Courtesy of Columbia Records)

Today's Menu featured Letter "D" Titles for The Classic Lunch Portion of WBLM From A-To-Z (Day 4): " Dog And Butterfly" - Heart / "Dog Eat Dog" - AC/DC / "Dogs" - Pink Floyd / "Dolly Dagger" - Jimi Hendrix / "Domino" - Van Morrison / "Domino" - Kiss / "Don't Ask Me No Questions" - Lynyrd Skynyrd / "Don't Bring Me Down" - The Animals / "Don't Bring Me Down" - Electric Light Orchestra / "Don't Cha Stop" - The Cars

Tomorrow (Fri., 6/16)...too soon to say, you could be in the early stages of The Letter "F" section, guess it depends on how many commercials are scheduled during The BLM Morning Show With The Captain & Celeste. Hey, if the commercials don't get aired, ultimately, how we s'pose to buy our booze?  If ya have any A-To-Z inquiries or suggestions and ya know ya do, drop 'em off here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page. Now, run...run for your lives!!!