...and it is, today serving up a special "So Many Questions" edition of the All In Concert Lunch Break, yeah, go figure...

E.C., 1973. (Photo: Express/Express/Getty Images)
E.C., 1973. (Photo: Express/Express/Getty Images)

The All Live Menu/"So Many Questions..." Edition: "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" - The Clash (Live At Shea Stadium) / "Have You Ever Loved A Woman?" - Eric Clapton (E.C. Was Here) / "Hey Hey What Can I Do?" - Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes (Live At The Greek) / "Where Did Our Love Go?" - The J. Geils Band (Blow Your Face Out) / "Do You Feel Like We Do?" - Peter Frampton (Frampton Comes Alive!) / "Are You Ready?" - Thin Lizzy (Live And Dangerous) / "Can't You See?" - The Marshall Tucker Band (Stompin' Room Only) / "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" - The Beach Boys ('69 Live In London)

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