The winter time end-of-the-work-week tradition is back for the season and we think you're gonna like whatcha see...with your eyes closed!

Cream "Disreali Gears" LP cover, Nov. 1967. (Courtesy of Atco Records)
Cream "Disreali Gears" LP cover, Nov. 1967. (Courtesy of Atco Records)

"Psychedelic Friday!" (Vol. 1): "Sunshine Of Your Love" - Cream / "Atlantis" - Donovan / "Love Me Two Times" - The Doors / "Crown Of Creation" - Jefferson Airplane / "In The Times Of Our Lives" - Iron Butterfly / "Dazed And Confused" - Led Zeppelin / "Born To Be Wild" - Steppenwolf / "Speak To Me/Breathe In The Air" - Pink Floyd / "A Trick Of The Tail" - Genesis / "Psychotic Reaction" - Count Five / "Get Together" - The Youngbloods / "She's A Rainbow" - The Rolling Stones

Every Friday, all winter long, prepare thyselves for full-psychedlicization! Meanwhile, Classic Lunch gotta know what you need; leave your idea's and requests here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page and who knows, someday we might even care enough to look at 'em! {Kidding, kidding, lighten up, we're tired from shoveling, too...}.

* * *  G O   P A T S !!! Next Saturday Night, that is... * * *

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