...and we think that's much friendlier than "Turn your head and cough!" Week, which someone actually requested. File that under 'scruples' we say...

(Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy/Courtesy of Mercury Records & loudersound.com)

The "What's Your Name?" Menu (Volume 1): "Proud Mary" - Creedence Clearwater Revival / "Johnny B. Goode" - Johnny Winter / "Tales Of Brave Ulysses" - Cream / "Mary Jane's Last Dance" - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / "Jessica" - The Allman Brothers Band / "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" - The Ramones / "Jamie's Cryin'" - Van Halen / "Mr. Brownstone" - Guns N' Roses / "Rosalie" - Thin Lizzy / "James Dean" - Eagles / "Eleanor Rigby" - The Beatles / "Tennessee Jed" - Grateful Dead

"When I was young, poverty was so common that we didn't know it had a name." - Lyndon B. Johnson

Tomorrow (2-Fer-Tues., 10/8), "What's Your Name?", Vol. 2. No repeats guaranteed all week and if ya wanna play along, get them Classic Lunch idea's in pronto right here on the web site, WBLM Facebook page and WBLM App. Supplies are limited, so act now!