...and today, it was "Forward...Into The Past!!!" 35 years to when Graceland first opened to the public and a 19-inch Sony color TV went for $499: it's 1982!!!

1982's biggest movie, no doubt! (Movie poster courtesy of Universal Pictures)

"Another Rockin' '80's Menu -- Today, The Class Of 1982": "Burning Down One Side" + "Slow Dancer" - Robert Plant ('Pictures At Eleven') / "Subdivisions" + "New World Man" - Rush ('Signals') / "Rock The Casbah" + "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" - The Clash ('Combat Rock') / "Change Of Heart" + "You Got Lucky" - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ('Long After Dark') / "Intruder/(Oh) Pretty Woman" + "Little Guitars" - Van Halen ('Diver Down')

Tomorrow (Wed., 9/20), The "Opposites Attract!" Menu. We'll figure it out by the time lunch break rolls around. We hope. As always you can hit us up here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page if ya got any Classic Lunch menu-theme-idea's, etc. Meantime, a reminder that just because you believe it, doesn't mean it's true, that's just the way it goes...