Did we have enough to fill up a whole lunch hour?

(Courtesy of A&M Records)
(Courtesy of A&M Records)

The "Songs That Only Mention The Title At The Beginning Of The Song" Menu (and the title is not repeated again during the song!): "Even In The Quietest Moments" - Supertramp / "Mary Had A Little Lamb" - Paul McCartney & Wings / "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" - The Charlie Daniels Band / "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)" - Van Morrison / "Baker Street" - Gerry Rafferty / "Solsbury Hill" - Peter Gabriel / "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" - Joe Cocker / "Tweeter And The Monkey Man" - The Traveling Wilburys / "White Room" - Cream / "Hide In Your Shell" - Supertramp 

"Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen

Tomorrow (2-Fer-Tues., 1/7), The "By The Numbers" Menu. It's a brand new year, why not give Classic Lunch a shot at some of those menu themes you've been sittin' on? Send 'em into the web site, WBLM Facebook page and WBLM App and...watch....what.....happens......

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