Hey kids, yes, it's absolutely true, I did indeed catch about 50 Geils shows all over New England between 1972 and '77. Today's menu is a tribute to some of the chestnuts they'd pull out for the long-time fans...

The J. Geils Band debut album, released on Nov. 16, 1970; J's second from right. (Courtesy of Atlantic Records)

Today's Menu: Thank You, J. Geils... "(Ain't Nothin' But A) House Party" - Bloodshot LP, 1973 / "Serves You Right To Suffer" - "Live" Full House, 1972 / "Sanctuary" - Title track, 1978 LP / "Love-Itis" - Hotline, 1975 / "Till The Walls Come Tumblin' Down" - Love Stinks, 1980 / "Stoop Down #39" - Nightmares And Other Tales From The Vinyl Jungle, 1974 / "So Sharp" - The Morning After, 1971 / "Wait" - Self-titled debut LP, 1970 / "Pack Fair And Square" - "Live" Full House, 1972 / "Chimes" - Ladies Invited, 1973

Tomorrow (Thurs., 4/13): The "Time Marches On!" Menu. We welcome your thoughts on Classic Lunch here on the web site and on the WBLM Facebook page. R.I.P. James Warren Geils, Jr.