...featuring a great Gregg Allman double-shot from an underrated 1988 gem of an LP...

The Allman Brothers Band Performs At The Beacon Theatre In New York
With The Brothers, Beacon Theatre, N.Y.C., March 2009. (Photo: Cory Schwartz/Getty Images)

Another "All You Can Eat '80's Buffet": "I Can't Stand It" + "Blow Wind Blow" - Eric Clapton ('Another Ticket' LP, 1981) / "Finish What You Started" + "Black And Blue" - Van Halen ('OU812', 1988) / "China Girl" + "Modern Love" - David Bowie ('Let's Dance', 1983) / "Can't Get Over You" + "Every Hungry Woman" - The Gregg Allman Band ('Just Before The Bullets Fly', 1988) / "Lonely Ol' Night" + "R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A." - John Mellencamp ('Scarecrow', 1985) / "Shake It Up" + "Since You're Gone" - The Cars ('Shake It Up', 1981)

Tomorrow (Wed., 5/31), you'll be wrapping up the month of May with The "Classic Wraps" Menu: all songs have to 'wrap-up' albums, as in they gotta be the last track on Side 2 (or Side 4) of a classic LP. Tasty! Remember to leave your Classic Lunch suggestions and requests here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page. We sit in moist anticipation of your cherished commentaries...honest.

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