'Twas the year of This is your brain...this is drugs...this is your brain on drugs, PTL head hypocrite Jim Bakker had a whoo-hoo with Jessica Hahn and gas was {deep breath} $1.07 a gallon! Let's go back 'n take you Forward...Into The Past 30 years:

Released 4/7/1987.(Courtesy of Geffen Records)
Released 4/7/1987 (Courtesy of Geffen Records)

Another TFT "Rockin' '80's" Menu, today with The Class Of 1987: "Armageddon It" + "Hysteria" - Def Leppard ('Hysteria') / "On The Turning Away" + "The Dogs Of War" - Pink Floyd ('A Momentary Lapse Of Reason') / "Girls, Girls, Girls" + "Wild Side" - Motley Crue ('Girls, Girls, Girls') / "Seven Wonders" + "Everywhere" - Fleetwood Mac ('Tango In The Night') / "Still Of The Night" + "Is This Love" - Whitesnake ('Whitesnake')

Tomorrow (Wed., 10/18), The "I's Have It!" Menu. Good luck, Jim. Remember to leave your thoughts on and prayers for Classic Lunch here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page. What, you got more important stuff to do? Really?

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