"Are black and white really colors?" -- Always nice to hear from the elite artsy crowd, but we weren't looking for a debate, honest...

(Courtesy of Geffen/Warner Bros. Records)
(Courtesy of Geffen/Warner Bros. Records)

The "Colorful Band Names" Menu: "Here I Go Again" + "Crying In The Rain" - Whitesnake / "Against The Wind" + "Feel Like A Number" - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band / "Watching And Waiting" + "Question" - The Moody Blues / "Sunshine Of Your Love" + "Badge" - Cream / "Radar Love" + "Twilight Zone" - Golden Earring

Tomorrow (Wed., 8/22), The "Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer!" Menu. For Blimpsters that still use actual camera's, God Bless y'all. Anytime you wanna help out Classic Lunch is fine with us, so c'mon now, send in whatcha got to the web site here and/or the WBLM Facebook page. You could be a winner!

"It's okay to show all your colors." - Luis Guzman

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