When ya need to know. But, then again, maybe not every time...

The Zombies, c 1967. (Ultimate Classic Rock)
The Zombies, c 1967. (Ultimate Classic Rock)

The "Do Tell!" Menu: "Only Time Will Tell" - Asia / "You Tell Me" - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" - Night Ranger / "Tell Me" - The Rolling Stones / "Tell Mama" - Savoy Brown / "Tell Her No" - The Zombies / "Tell Me What You Want (And I'll Give You What You Need)" - The Doobie Brothers / "I Can't Tell You Why" - Eagles / "Tell The Truth" - Derek & The Dominoes / "Tell Me Why" - The Beatles / "Tell Me Why" - Neil Young / "You Never Can Tell" - Chuck Berry

"Gossip is a very dangerous tool. We should be more wary of the gossiper, and not the gossip they're trying to relate to you." - John Lydon

Tomorrow (Fri., 3/15), The Annual St. Patrick's | All Irish Rockers Menu. U2 and Van Morrison, sure, but not forgetting The Boomtown Rats and Rory Gallagher, too! Look, we know St. Patty's is this Sunday, so why not start the celebrating early as it only rolls around once a year, yadda yadda, etc., etc. Get those Classic Lunch orders in a.s.a.p. right here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page. Limited time offer.

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