OK, a.k.a. leftovers from yesterday, but still, ya got a coupla deep cuts from Steely Dan and The Cars and an absolute killer-concert-piece from Stevie Ray Vaughan and, that's right, no one's complaining...

Steely Dan's third studio album cover, Feb. 1974. (Courtesy of ABC Records)

The "Do Tell" Menu (Part Two): "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" - Steely Dan / "Tell Me What You See" - The Beatles / "I Can't Tell You Why" - Eagles / "Fortune Teller" - The Rolling Stones / "Testify" (live) - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble / "Have I Told You Lately" - Van Morrison / "Don't Tell Me No" - The Cars / "Tell The Truth" - Derek & The Dominoes / "Tell It Like It Is" - Heart / "Tell All The People" - The Doors / "Stories We Could Tell" (live) - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Tomorrow (Fri., 77/14), The All Live 'Strange Opening Act Bookings' Menu; hey, Alice Cooper opened for Chad & Jeremy back in 1970! There's more where that came from...Meanwhile, Classic Lunch has arms opened wide for your suggestions so leave 'em right here on the web site and/or WBLM Facebook page. (Not sad!)