It's the middle of the day! Lunch time!! This wasn't a test, but you might wanna clean up your mind just a tad, save the naughty for (much) later on, okay there Spanky?

(Courtesy of Rolling Stones Records)
(Courtesy of Rolling Stones Records)

The "Down And Dirty!" Menu: "Shot Down In Flames" - AC/DC / "Talk Dirty To Me" - Poison / "Going Down" - The Jeff Beck Group / "Dirty Water" - The Standells / "Down By The Seaside" - Led Zeppelin / "Dirty Movies" - Van Halen / "All Down The Line" - The Rolling Stones / "Dirty Work" - Steely Dan / "Down South Jukin'" - Lynyrd Skynyrd / "Dirty Laundry" - Don Henley / "Sit Yourself Down" - Stephen Stills / "Dirty White Boy" - Foreigner / "I'm Goin' Down" - Bruce Springsteen

"Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversations much more interesting." - Kushandwizdom

Tomorrow (Fri., 11/16), with a snow storm expected, your Blimp diner is looking at a pretty good chance of coming up a little short-on-staff, so we'll keep it simple with an "It's Only Rock And Roll" Menu. Of course, requests and ridiculous take-out orders always welcome for Classic Lunch here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page! Now dig out yer mittens...

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