Going deep, deep with Jimi and a vintage psychedelic rip-off of The Who from Mr. Rundgren. In other words, tasty fun at the Blimp diner today!

Released May 19, 1986. (Courtesy of Geffen Records)



The "Eyes Have It...Again!" Menu: "In Your Eyes" - Peter Gabriel / "Temptation Eyes" - The Grass Roots / "The Story In Your Eyes" - The Moody Blues / "Eye Of The Tiger" - Survivor / "Angry Eyes" - Loggins & Messina / "Close My Eyes Forever" - Lita Ford with Ozzy Osbourne / "Far Away Eyes" - The Rolling Stones / "Gypsy Eyes" - The Jimi Hendrix Experience / "Lyin' Eyes" - Eagles / "Ebony Eyes" - Bob Welch / "Open My Eyes" - Nazz (Todd Rundgren) 

Tomorrow (2-Fer-Tues., 10/24), The "Rockin' '80's!" are back; this-go-round with The Class Of 1982 ("Diver Down" Van Halen, "Emotions In Motion" Billly Squier, "American Fool" John Cougar). Classic Lunch will happily make a sandwich just the way you like it when you hit us up with your suggestions and take-out orders here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page. C'mon and git sum...