Last one for awhile; next week, it's "Alphabet Time!!!"

Bon Jovi "New Jersey" album cover; Sept. 1988. (Courtesy of Mercury Records)

The "All You Can Eat '80's Buffet" -- Special "Hair Band" Edition: "Eruption/You Really Got Me" + "Romeo Delight" - Van Halen / "I'll Be There For You" + "Lay Your Hands On Me" - Bon Jovi / "Nobody's Fool" + "Shelter Me" - Cinderella / "Photograph" + "Rocket" - Def Leppard

Tomorrow (Wed., 6/7): The return of The "No Can Do" Menu (because apparently, on Monday, we didn't do enuff No-No's, so yeah, we got sum mo'!!!). Classic Lunch idea's always welcome here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page. Send us yours today or be a big loser for the rest of your life!