Double-shots off LP's without either the artists name or album title on the cover!

Aerosmith "Draw The Line" LP cover, Dec. 1977. (Courtesy of Columbia Records)

The "How're Ya Supposed To Know What the Album's About, Then?" Menu: "Can't Find My Way Home" + "Presence Of The Lord" - Blind Faith [Self-titled debut] / "Time" + "Brain Damage/Eclipse" - Pink Floyd [Dark Side Of The Moon] / "The Weight" + "Chest Fever" - The Band [Music From Big Pink] / "Four Sticks" + "Going To California" - Led Zeppelin [Led Zeppelin IV] / "Draw The Line" + "Milk Cow Blues" - Aerosmith [Draw The Line]


Tomorrow (Wed., 3/7), yeah, verily, a storm is a-coming, so it's The "Get Ready" Menu. We were going to call it the "You know the drill" menu, but there's something about the word "drill" that we can't get on board with...Anyway, Classic Lunch is always looking for clues -- Help us out with your suggestions for menu themes or whatever, and send 'em along here to the web site and WBLM Facebook page. Your results may vary.