Today you got Lost & Found tracks from Night Ranger and The Smithereens(!), plus classic go-to's from Aerosmith and AC/DC. We can confirm lunch break was a mighty tasty yawn-free zone indeed...

(Courtesy of Epic Records)
(Courtesy of Epic Records)

The "Wish We Were Still Sleeping In Bed" Menu: "Dream Police" - Cheap Trick / "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" - The Smithereens / "Sleeping Bag" - ZZ Top / "Dream On" - Aerosmith / "When You Close Your Eyes" - Night Ranger / "I'm Only Sleeping" - The Beatles / "Dream Weaver" - Gary Wright / "Dreams" - The Allman Brothers Band / "Talking In Your Sleep" - The Romantics / "Night Prowler" - AC/DC / "Sleepwalker" - The Kinks

"Man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep." - Mahatma Gandhi

Tomorrow (2-Fer-Tues., 5/7), we'll be doling out double-shots from LP's that don't have either the artists name or album title on the cover; your Blimp diner calls it The "...Then How D'Ya Know What The Album's About?" Menu. Which pretty much guarantees some Led Zeppelin...Your raves and rants regarding Classic Lunch are always welcome, so send 'em on over to the web site here or WBLM App. Get medical attention if symptoms persist.

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