Stuff we ran out-of-time to serve up this past Monday, plus the segue of the week: "No More Tears" into "Caroline, No" -- Brilliant!

The Beach Boys
The for-real-and-can't-be-duplicated original line-up of The Beach Boys, c 1964. (Fox Photos/Getty Images)

The "No Can Do (Part Two)" Menu: "No Matter What" - Badfinger / "No One To Depend On" - Santana / "No More Mr. Nice Guy" - Alice Cooper / "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" - Daryl Hall  John Oates / "No Surrender" - Bruce Springsteen / "No Time" - The Guess Who / "Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock 'N' Roll" - Long John Baldry / "No More Tears" - Ozzy Osbourne / "Caroline, No" - The Beach Boys / "No Rain" - Blind Melon / "Ain't Got No Home" - The Band

Tomorrow (Thurs., 6/8), yeah, it's finally awesomely nice out and we're not waiting for the 21st to roll around to make it official, we're calling it: The "Summer's Here!" Menu!

Meanwhile, there are only a couple of Classic Lunch Menu's left to go, then next week it's here -- The 2017 Edition of The Best Of The Blimp From A-To-Z (with mucho assistance from the lovely ladies workin' over at the Portland Public Library, who are celebrating the PPL's 150th anniversary!!!), we're presenting A-to-Z in an alphabetically-correct manner unlike any that we've attempted before {insert Hitchcock-like suspense music here}...

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