...where the acoustic guitar is the star!

(Eric Clapton "Unplugged"/Courtesy of Reprise Records)
(Eric Clapton "Unplugged"/Courtesy of Reprise Records)

The "Pickin' N' Grinnin'" Menu: "Treetop Flyer" + "Crossroads/You Can't Catch Me" (live) - Stephen Stills / "Maggie May" + "Mandolin Wind" - Rod Stewart / "Layla" (live) + "Before You Accuse Me" (live) - Eric Clapton / "Going To California" + "That's The Way" - Led Zeppelin / "Tequila Sunrise" (live) + "Hotel California" (live) - Eagles

"Music dosn't lie. If there is something that needs to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music." - Jimi Hendrix

Tomorrow (Wed., 5/20), The "Song Titles: Beginnings Edition" Menu. It's where the title of the song is mentioned only once at the beginning of the song and nowhere else!!! / Classic Lunch suggestions can be sent right here to the web site, WBLM Facebook page and WBLM App. You betcha!

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