Because somebody's always watching you.

(Courtesy of Vertigo Records)
(Courtesy of Vertigo Records)

The "Schizophrenia & Paranoia, Too!" Menu: "Paranoid" - Black Sabbath / "Rock 'N' Roll Suicide" - David Bowie / "Brain Damage/Eclipse" - Pink Floyd / "For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield / "21st Century Schizoid Man" - King Crimson / "Life During Wartime" - Talking Heads / "Behind Blue Eyes" - The Who / "Lunatic Fringe" - Red Rider / "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)" - The Electric Prunes / "Madman Across The Water" - Elton John / "They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" - Napoleon XIV / "The Loner" - Neil Young

Tomorrow (2-Fer-Tues., 4/10), another brand new double-shot edition of The "Very Hairy Rockin' '80's" Menu. Spritz at your peril. And don't forget to tell the Classic Lunch gang whatcha think about what they're doing and leave a message or sumthin' here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page. Every little bit helps, honest.

"There is no such thing as paranoia. Your worst fears can come true at any moment." - Hunter S. Thompson

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