Hey, cool: Pat Benatar kicked off lunch break, and she closed it down, too!

Pat Benatar "Crimes Of Passion" album cover, Aug. 1980. (Courtesy of Chrysalis Records)

WBLM A-To-Z Classic Lunch Menu -- The Letter "P" (actually, everything at lunch time started with Pr...): "Precious Time" - Pat Benatar / "Presence Of The Lord" - Blind Faith / "Pressure" - Billy Joel / "Pretending" - Eric Clapton / "Pretty Maids All In A Row" - Eagles / "Pretty In Pink" - The Psychedelic Furs / "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" - U2 / "Pride And Joy" - Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble / "Problem Child" - AC/DC / "Promises" - Eric Clapton / "Promises In The Dark" - Pat Benatar

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