Two-word song titles only from bands that have a two-word name. Hey, it's either a clever Two-Fer-Tuesday variation or an act of double-shot desperation. You be the judge...

(Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records)
(Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records)

The "Two-By-Two (By-Two)" Menu: "Casey Jones" + "Shakedown Street" - Grateful Dead / "Comfortably Numb" + "Keep Talking" - Pink Floyd / "Sweet Leaf" + "Iron Man" - Black Sabbath / "Spanish Moon" + "Dixie Chicken" - Little Feat / "Black Cow" + "Bad Sneakers" - Steely Dan

Tomorrow (12/6), The "Wednesday One-Hit Wonders" Menu, 1960's Edition ('70's and '80's WOHW editions to follow)...Your thoughts on Classic Lunch are always welcome here on the web site and WBLM Facebook page. One day, we may even read some!

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