We were never that fond of pumping the brakes...

(Courtesy of Universal Music Group)

The "Wheels Go 'Round" Menu: "Wheel In The Sky" - Journey / "Bicycle Race" - Queen / "Drivin' Wheel" - Foghat / "Magic Bus" - The Who / "Watching The Wheels" - John Lennon / "This Wheel's On Fire" - The Band / "Human Wheels" - John Mellencamp / "Under My Wheels" - Alice Cooper / "Proud Mary" - Creedence Clearwater Revival / "The Wheel" - Jerry Garcia / "Helen Wheels" - Paul McCartney & Wings / "The Motorcycle Song" - Arlo Guthrie / "Heart Like A Wheel" - The Steve Miller Band

"The real problem is, people think life is a ladder, and it's really a wheel." - Charles de Lint

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