...as in The First Two Songs On An Artists' Album No. 2. See, 'cuz today is Two-Fer-Tuesday and yes, we took the easy-peasy way out, wottayakiddin'?

Cream Reunion Concert At Madison Square Garden
Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker; Cream Reunion Concert, Madison Square Garden; Oct. 2005. (Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Today's Two-Fer-Tuesday Menu -- The First Two Songs On An Artists' Album-Number-Two: "Strange Brew" + "Sunshine Of Your Love" - Cream (2nd LP 'Disraeli Gears') / "Let's Go" + "Since I Held You" - The Cars (2nd LP 'Candy-O') / "Strange Days" + "You're Lost Little Girl" - The Doors (2nd LP 'Strange Days') / "Whole Lotta Love" + "What Is And What Should Never Be" - Led Zeppelin (2nd LP 'Led Zeppelin II') / "You're No Good" + "Dance The Night Away" - Van Halen (2nd LP 'Van Halen II') / "Revival" + "Don't Keep Me Wonderin'" - The Allman Brothers Band (2nd LP 'Idlewild South')

Tomorrow (Wed., 2/24): The "We All Go A Little Crazy...Sometimes..." Menu. Don't  forget your strait-jacket. By the way, we're still lookin' for your Classic Lunch suggestions, so go for it right here on our web site and on the WBLM Facebook page.

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